About me

I am a radiologist (medical specialist) in South Australia, undertaking a Ph.D in Medicine with the School of Public Health at the University of Adelaide.

My research explores the intersection of medical imaging, computer science and future technologies, with specific interests in the application of machine learning to medical images and text, exploitation of our vast but unstructured stores of medical data, and technologies that potentiate education and research activities. The first major project in my PhD program is about predicting patient longevity using CT chest images.

I am passionate about education and currently teach interpretation of medical images to University of Adelaide medical students, junior radiology trainees and anyone else who has time to go through a few films. My own teaching materials are in the process of being refreshed, but I will post them up in the “Education” section here as they are completed.

I enjoy exploring MOOCs (massive open online courses) on a variety of topics, and you can find reviews of some of these in the “MOOCs” section. You can also read some of my thoughts about MOOCs on my blog.

I am interested in promoting research activity in radiology in South Australia, and can provide assistance and resources to any budding researchers, or help you make contact with appropriate collaborators and supervisors. With Dr Taryn Bessen, I created the South Australian Radiology Research Network to further these goals. I am also happy to talk about radiology to anyone who is interested. You can find out more here.